Sunday, July 21, 2024.

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I like to push the boundaries. I love creating creative, clean, usable design for the mobile, web and other digital sources. I would portray “Design” in a simple sense as my obsession. It is something that I enjoy being involved with in many different aspects. It keeps me driven, it keeps me going, it is something i see myself being involved in for a long time. It’s something I do before going to bed, and something I can’t wait to do in the morning.

My Story

My schooling started when I was precisely 5 years old (some happenings in life just can’t be forgotten ;)). Those childhood days were really most memorable phase of my life. I enjoyed my school era to the tilts. I was a very mischievous guy; to share few incidents, never closing my eyes during prayers, being always in a hurry to rush to home as soon as bell rang without even bothering to note down my homework, taking holidays from school citing untrue excuses like my relative has expired (ya I actually did that) just to catch my favorite super hero serials (shaktiman type and all).

So these were few of my naughty endeavors during my school time. But when it comes to showcasing my talent in creative arena; I was always at the forefront, won many awards and appreciation for neatness & drawing skills (I did take at least something seriously ;)). Like this days kept passing leaving sweet memories to be cherished.

Coming to my career, I completed MCA post-graduation with over 12 years’ of experience in the field of Information Technology in Web Solutions and Mobile apps division as a freelancer. I excel in web-based applications – be it a plain html site or an interactive portal with online payment gateway. Highly design oriented and I can add a touch of cutting-edge to every project. Also involved in making more website traffic to any type of website, I can undertake SEO/SEM/LB(Link Building).

I have never dreamed that I would become a Web Designer, I was interested in business during that time. All of a sudden, one day me and my other 2 friends(staying in bangalore) called to come for bangalore. I learned PHP, Photoshop in bangalore’s room with one of my best friend’s(Ram) help. After 1 month I started my career with a startup company, LeafGrafica as a web developer. Mr.Selinmani gave me the chance and I got very nice boss I really enjoyed working with him for almost 3 years. He is a Net guru for me. Mr.Selinmani (from Kerala) is a very creative Graphic Designer. I consider myself really lucky to have a colleague like him having more than 15 years of experience in graphic designing and painting. I am learning so many creative and marketing things from him. In addition to my friend Prasanth whom I owe a lot of my knowledge in web designing as he was the one who taught me the practical part of web designing. After that joined in Wipro as a Sharepoint designer cum web developer, learned a lot about corporate culture and discipline and team managment.

Presently I am working for my own as a freelancer with a company name called Virtu Tech Solutions in Bangalore and Hyderabad with some of my best supporting partners from all over the world since August 2009. I was really lucky to work for my own company. All my colleagues there are from different nationalities. I am still learning new things in the field of creativity in designing.

I spent more years at corporate companies. After that I realized that now I have gained much experience so should look for new ventures to satisfy my creative yearning and zeal for experimentation. I wanted to work for a company which gives me creative freedom and support my unusual & quirky sense of looking at things. The journey is continuing exploring new heights of designs, challenges and innovations everyday.

Awards & Certifications:

– I am a Microsort Certified Professional in Windows Server from Microsoft Inc.
– Hardware and Networking(CCNA) certification from ACS Technologies, Hyderabad.
– PGDCA from Govt.Polytechnic, Srisailam Project.