Database Administration

Your databases contain critical information and their smooth functioning is essential for all your IT operations. Our expertise extends globally, with support available on-site or through offshore centers located in Hyderabad and Bangalore. VTS offers a full range of database administration services primarily for Oracle database amongst variety of other databases such as SQL Server, Teradata, Netezza, MySQL and UDB. Our database services provide for secure, optimal management and increased database productivity. Our services range from database design and enhancement to installation / upgrades, backup / restoration and performance and capacity management. We deliver SLA based 24 x 7 services with an offshore and/or an onsite team providing the DBA support for Oracle and SQL Server.

We have a proven track record with database management systems in multiple systems and environments. KEY BENEFITS DBAs are very critical to your business but they are expensive and most of the time underutilized, over utilized or inappropriately utilized – In either case there are inefficiencies that our service model doesn’t have. In addition, our business model eliminates the overhead of general benefits, insurance costs, overtime pay, vacation, sick leave, annual bonus etc. and dependency on the limited knowledge of one or few DBAs. Ensuring 24/7 database availability and performance is the biggest challenge for organizations of all sizes. We are here to relieve you from all the worries of managing your databases with our easy-to-use and cost effective services. We have years of proven experience in providing offshore database services to some of the world’s largest corporations. You can take advantage of this and realize short term and sustained benefits of your own: Big Savings: Our offshore database services help you significantly reduce overhead costs on recruitment, training, employee perks and operating expenses.

Your new, cost effective extended DBA Team will manage all routine and specialized database administration and support needs for you. This helps you conveniently manage and size your internal resources based on your changing business needs. Your extended DBA Team drastically reduces operational costs by increasing quality and productivity. Absolute Control: Supporting your databases remotely doesn’t mean we take over. You remain in absolute control of your database operations. We work with and supplement your internal staff. Your internal staff will still be managing your business critical functions while we proactively monitor and manage the databases. We extend our expert knowledge to your onsite staff as a member of one team to ensure maximum availability and performance.

Our experienced DBAs provide efficient systems’ management practices and InTime problem resolutions to prevent failures. 24/7 Availability: As your Extended DBA team, we provide 24/7 support coverage for your databases. You don’t have to worry anymore when your DBA is on vacation or leave. Your Extended DBAs take care of after hours business , weekend and holidays. Your databases will be constantly monitored for efficiency and reliability. This also helps you manage your internal resources workload in conjunction with your Extended DBA team. Strategic Focus: With your Extended DBA team supplementing your operations, all your routine and specifically assigned database administration tasks get the best possible care.

This helps your IT managers and internal staff to dedicate more time for planning and implementing strategically beneficial objectives. Expert Knowledge: We bring with us the collective knowledge base of our large certified database management professionals with an average experience of 10 years in handling hundreds of databases in different environments. We provide effective fixes and solutions to all kinds of database administration and performance problems. You are no more confined to the limited knowledge of your internal staff; we are with you to resolve your issues.

Proactive Care: Your Extended DBA team will be focused on consistently keeping your databases in good health, monitoring the database operation continuously and predicting potential issues well in advance of crisis situations. We detect the problems and co-ordinate with your staff to fix the issues before your business is affected. Guaranteed Response: Managing your databases is our only business and we are greatly committed to it. We provide fast and quality service in line with the delivery model that best fits your business needs. We offer various levels of guaranteed response times for Emergency, Critical and Non-Critical support. Customized Service Levels: We are a client sensitive organization; we do not bind you with predefined services packages. We believe in enabling you to choose precisely the services you want and how you want them. Our customized service levels ensure that you pay only for the required services and get much more for less. You can utilize your Extended DBA Team services on a regular, periodic or emergency basis.